Overview of Yuan Gong Solo Exhibition


展览名称:  “时光:原弓个展”

Title:  Momentos: Yuan Gong Solo Exhibition

展期: 2017年10月11日—2017年11月15日

Date: 11th Oct to 15th Nov, 2017

地点: 敦煌市公共文化中心

Venue: Dunhuang Cultural Center


Hosts: Chinese National Academy of Arts, Dunhuang Academy China


Organizers: Cultural Development Strategy Research Centre of Chinese National Academy of Arts, Dunhuang Culture Association




Description of the installations:

The installations in this exhibition are inspired by the story of monk Le Zun recorded in the inscriptions on a tablet of Mogao Grottoes (Record of Mogao Grottoes). They are intended to explore and extend the concept of “light” in the legend of Dunhuang. These installations appropriated some images from Dunhuang to visualize the sequence of time. The three groups of installations subtly show the inscriptions on the tablet of Mogao Grottoes. Implying the evolution of the calligraphic styles of Chinese characters during one thousand and six hundred years, these inscriptions incorporated in these installations can be seen as a response to the contemporary significance of the two art exhibitions of 2017 “the Belt and Road” International Symposium on Cultural and Artistic Exchanges and Cooperation.



Materials: Inkjet printed images of the sculptures in Mogao Grottoes; Chinese characters, PVC boards, electronic accessories.


Title: Record of Mogao Grottoes No.1 – No.8

《莫高窟记》作品图 Image of the art work, Record of Mogao Grottoes


《莫高窟记》作品局部图 Partial image of the artwork, Record of Mogao Grottoes 


《莫高窟记》作品局部图 Partial image of the artwork, Record of Mogao Grottoes 


  Year: 2017


  Artist: Yuan Gong

Preface of the Exhibition







  Thrived Art on the Silk Road – Momentos: Yuan Gong Solo Exhibition

  For a thousand and five hundred years beginning from 366 AD until Qing Dynasty the chiseling of Dunhuang Grottoes has not stopped yet. Among them Mogao grottoes are chiseled early, preserved well and mostly lauded by people, now still preserving grottoes, murals and sculptures of ten dynasties such as the Sixteen Kingdoms, the Northern Wei Dynasty, the Western Wei Dynasty, the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty, the Western Xia Regime and Yuan Dynasty.

  Knowing deeply the hardness in vicissitude of the treasure passing through time and its everlasting value of being always refreshed through history, in “Momentos: Yuan Gong Solo Exhibition”, the artist depicted a set of large sculpture cluster immersed in the light beam of time with composite material installations.

  The inspiration of so called light beam of time comes from monk Le Zun. According to the record of tablets of Mogao Grottoes, in 366 AD, monk Le Zun roamed everywhere until he reached the Eastern foot of Mingsha Mountain. When the sun was setting in the west, monk Le Zun raised his head when he just saw thousands of golden light shooting from the other side of mountain top, which seemed like thousands of Buddhas appearing in the golden light. After prostrating himself in worship, he invited a craftsman to chisel the first grotto on the cliff. The artist who deeply perceives that karma is unimaginable, not only keenly extracted the black, white and gray elements full of the sense of design to reshape the charisma of Dunhuang Grottoes in symbolic method of expression, but also took the in-depth perspective to design out the light beam of a thousand years tinged with the sense of time, surpassing and recreating history in different points of time and space with astounding similarity.

  Contemporary art creation is reluctant to be immersed at certain joint of time, but expecting the parallel running with time. Ancient art and modern art can both shuttle back and forth freely in time and space, becoming a new form of contemporary art. It is parallel with the age and meanwhile never detached from ancient art. The solo exhibition this time is exactly the comprehensive implementation of “the Belt and Road” initiative, with Dunhuang at present once again becoming the best symbol of important hub for integration and mutual learning of the Eastern and Western civilizations.

  Enter the glorious tunnel of time and space to perceive the intelligence and benevolence never straying far away.....